Block Paving Sealing Durham

Our block paving repair and sealing service is to important to restore your block paved driveway. Maintaining your block paving on a regular basis is vital, as without regular cleaning, driveways can become dirty. Damp weather can attract algae, moss, lichen and weeds to grow on your driveway blocks paving and slabs and in the joints. This in turn can cause the block paving and other areas of the driveway to become cracked, sink or raise up.

After cleaning kiln dried or silica sand (block paving sand) is brushed lightly over the block paviers and drops down between the blocks. After cleaning your paving we use a sealant which will allow your driveway to maintain its good looks for longer. The sealers are available in a variety of finishes. We only use the best quality tried and tested sealers as we have found their performance is second to none. block paving sealing durham block paving sealing durham

Applying a block paving sealer is a way of protecting your block paving investment from contaminates, such as moss, weeds and oil. Block paving sealers have many benefits over untreated block paving, rather like a wax on a car, sealers keep dirt, moss and algae off you paving. They help with the removal of oil and tyre marks by providing a barrier of resin that sits on the surface of the block pavers, making them easy to clean.

Block Paving Repairs Durham

patio and flagstone repairs - damaged block paving
Block paving can often provide years of service when laid correctly, however even a well laid drive will deteriorate over time.

The sub- base that the block are laid on can be eroded through water ingress and saturation. This then leads onto what is technically known as paving failure. The easiest way to spot the signs of this problem is to look for deformation and sinking or raising of the blocks.

When it rains you will often see puddling gathering within these depressions. The earlier the paving is repaired the better. If the paving is left in this condition in just a couple of seasons the area will become hazardous and may need replacing altogether.

Block Paving Repairs, Patio and Flagstone Repairs Durham

Most flagged driveways, paths and patios will need maintenance at some point through their lifespan.

Wobbly and loose flags: many types of flags can be lifted and relayed. Deteriation of jointing material: we will re-point and strengthen the existing joints. Cracked flags: we can replace and refit any new flags as required, all types of stone, patio and flagstone repairs are our speciality.