Drainage Durham

Drainage Durham, block paving drives Durham block paving manhole cover, drainage Durham Alexander Drives design manhole covers for underground drainage to blend into the rest of your driveway, so its not so noticable.

For block paving driveways we install a block paving style manhole cover withe any pattern continuing so that it does not look out of place.

We know drainage is important in any driveway or patio but can often be overlooked by some contractors.

Alexander Drives will help you with selecting the correct products and advise you on edgings and drainage.

We are happy to talk over any concerns you may have regarding potential drainage problems and we'll advise you on the best solution on any existing drainage issue you may have. Let us offer you a solution to your problem.

Drainage Durham, installed drain channel Durham Drain Channels are an easy and effective way of removing unwanted standing water into a domestic drain.

Quick and easy to install, the protective grate is high-heel and child friendly and the product sits flush with the ground allowing for the passage of cars on the driveway.

Drain channels can be cut to length and clip together easily. Our drain channels can be fitted on driveways,patios and paths around the home and will work with any type of paving from block and flagstones to tarmac or concrete.